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A service provider is an individual who is performing services. This does not include the front desk & only includes those who require their own calendar.
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Every plan includes:

Multiple Service Providers
Drag & Drop Appointments
Popup Notes
Recurring Booking
Personal Time Off
Resource Management
Yelp Booking
Instagram Booking
Facebook Booking
Booking on Your Website
Automatic Notifications
Push Notifications
In App Notifications
Memberships & Packages
Gift Certificates
Customer Notes & History
SOAP Notes
Forms ($10/mo)
Vagaro Drive ($10/mo)
Automated Email Marketing
Automated Text Marketing ($20/mo)
Branded App ($200/mo)
Online Shopping Cart ($10/mo)
Get Discovered
Get Featured ($10/mo)
Daily Deals
Build Custom Website ($10/mo)
Payroll with Gusto
Clock In/Out
Export Reports
Free Templates
Online Booking
Service Provider Bios
Point of Sale Hardware (Low Pricing)
Mobile Credit Card Reader (Free)
Low Credit Card Rates (2.75%)
EMV Chip Card Reader (Free)
Powerful App For Business
Simple App for Your Customers
Get Booked from App 24/7
Check-In App ($10/mo)

Frequently Asked Questions

Vagaro is a web based software that can be accessed anywhere in the world from vagaro.com. Vagaro Pro mobile app can be downloaded to your phone and tablet.

You can cancel your subscription at any time, for any reason — no questions asked and no fee.

The free trial lasts 1 month, during which you have access to all the features except Yelp booking, email marketing, and credit card processing.

A service provider is an individual who is performing services within the business. This does not include front desk & only includes those who require their own calendar.

The setup time can be as little as 15 minutes depending on number of staff, customers, services, and inventory to be added.

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