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Accept Payments with Vagaro

Our payment processing system integrates seamlessly with our booking software. Get paid from your desktop or from any mobile device.
Free EMV reader when you sign up. Use Promo Code: EMV2019

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Free EMV Reader

Now through New Years Eve
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Accept Payments Safely & Securely with Vagaro

Get paid on any device, while keeping clients and staff healthy. Our new contactless payment methods ensure that you provide a safe payment experience online and in store.

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Meet the New Vagaro Pay Desk
A fully integrated dual-touchscreen point of sale that offers your customers a safe, transparent and secure experience.

Enjoy Transparent Rates

COVID-19 is making cash unpopular, so why not move to credit card processing with Vagaro Merchant Services? Whether you're a small business or a large merchant, our POS system works seamlessly with our scheduling platform. And we offer a low 2.75% flat rate, applicable to all major credit cards.
Small Merchants
Charges of less than $4,000 per month.
per swipe
3.5% + 15¢ per keyed-in transaction
No monthly cost
Multiple Merchants
Charges of less than $4,000 per month.
2.5% + 10¢
per swipe
3.5% + 15¢ per keyed-in transaction
1% ACH Bank Transfers
No monthly cost
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Large Merchants
Charges of more than $4,000 per month.
2.2% + 19¢
per swipe
3.0% + 19¢ per keyed-in transaction and association fees
$10.00 per month

Get A Free Reader with Your Merchant Account

Vagaro makes mobile payments easy: Collect card payments in store or on the go with our contactless card reader. It wirelessly connects to your iOS and Android devices and accepts chip cards, magnetic stripe cards and contactless/NFC-enabled mobile phone payments like Apple Pay®.

For clients paying multiple service providers during one visit, Vagaro will automatically deposit the money into the corresponding bank accounts without having to swipe or dip the credit card multiple times.

Accept Contactless Payments with Tap to Pay

Customers are using contactless forms of payment more than ever before. Ease and expedite the checkout experience with Apple Pay, Google Pay and other contactless payments. Customers simply hold their device above the Contactless Card Reader to complete their contactless payment.

Offer Clients Online Payments

Shorten checkout time and minimize in-store interactions by giving customers the option to pre-pay or put down a deposit when they book with you online. That’s peace of mind for you and for them! Bonus: pre-payments and deposits protect your business against no-shows and cancellations.

Check Clients Out On Their Phone

Our COVID-Clean Checkout provides a safe payment experience by sending part of the checkout window directly to your customers’ App. Customers can tip and sign on their phone without having to touch any point of sale hardware.

Choose the Pay Desk for Your Front Desk

The Vagaro Pay Desk makes it easy to schedule bookings, process payments and market your business. A dual touch screen ensures social distancing while providing a fast, transparent and secure checkout experience. Built-in safety and sanitation prompts keep clients safe every step of the way.
Taylor S.

VISA 2435

Secure Cash Flow With Easy Autopay Settings

Our Point of Sale System keeps clients’ credit card details on file for future use. Secure a recurring income stream by creating memberships and packages set to renew automatically.

Simplify Rent Collection

With all of the tools you need in one software, collecting rent and fees for hair salons, gyms and other businesses has never been easier. Charge booth renters, schedule recurring payments, store renter’s contracts and even deduct commission from booth rent with Vagaro Merchant Services.

Sell More With Your Own Online Store

Sell products, gift cards, packages and merchandise online and start getting paid right away. Market your online store from your computer, your iPad or your mobile phone. Easily manage your orders with Vagaro Inventory Management.
Gift Cards

Vagaro POS Hardware

Get all the hardware you need: cash drawers, receipt printers, scanners and EMV credit card readers. Sign up for Vagaro merchant services to get a free card reader.

*Prices when signing up for Vagaro Merchant Services
Essential Mobile EMV POS

The Essential POS includes an EMV credit card reader with dock and a tablet stand. Tablet is not included.

Complete Mobile EMV POS

A complete point of sale bundle with a cash drawer, tablet stand, receipt printer, and EMV reader with dock. Tablet is not included.

Complete Computer EMV POS

A complete bundle with a cash drawer, receipt printer, barcode/QR reader, and EMV reader with dock. Computer is not included.

Get All the POS Hardware

We offer all the POS software and hardware you need: cash drawers, receipt printers, barcode scanners and Contactless Credit Card readers. Sign up for Vagaro merchant services to get a free card reader.

Contactless Credit Card Reader

Accept dip, tap, and swipe payments including Apple and Google Pay.

Contactless Credit Card Reader with Dock

Use the dock to keep your Contactless Credit Card reader charged all day long.

Essential Mobile Contactless Credit Card Reader POS

Contactless Credit Card Reader with Dock & Swivel Stand

Complete Mobile Contactless Credit Card Reader POS

Contactless Credit Card Reader with Dock, Swivel Stand, Cash Register & Wireless Receipt Printer

Pay Desk Contactless Credit Card Reader Plus

Pay Desk, Handheld Scanner, Contactless Credit Card Reader and Dock

Pay Desk Contactless Credit Card Reader Complete

Pay Desk, Handheld Scanner, Contactless Credit Card Reader, Dock, USB Receipt Printer and Cash Drawer

Complete Computer Contactless Credit Card Reader  POS System

Contactless Credit Card Reader with Dock, Cash Register, Handheld Scanner & USB Receipt Printer
*All items include an additional $100 discount when signing up for a new 1 year merchant account.

Transparent Pricing

Get Paid Quickly
Receive payments within 24 to 48 hours.
No Hidden Fees
No PCI or batch fees.
Automatic Batching
Only batches on days with transactions.
Free Reader
Get a free reader when you sign up for one year.