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Point of Sale

Get all the hardware and software you need to sell your products and services. Securely accept cash, checks and credit cards. Customers can sign credit card transactions on your mobile device or use our receipt printer for a paper copy.

Mobile Credit Card Reader
Free with Merchant Account

The mobile credit card reader is designed for mobile devices like phones and tablets. The reader is compatible with iPhones, iPads, Androids phones and tablets. One free reader per merchant account. See all compatible devices.

EMV Reader
$45 with Merchant Account

The EMV reader wirelessly connects to your iOS and Android devices and accepts both EMV Chip cards (dip) and Magnetic Stripe cards (swipe). A usb cable is included to recharge the EMV reader. A lanyard is included as well.

EMV Reader with Dock
$84 with Merchant Account

The EMV reader with dock is a great solution for your front desk or point of sale table. Plug the dock into a power source to keep the battery charged all day. A usb cable is included to recharge the EMV reader. A lanyard is included as well.

POS Bundle for Tablets

A complete point of sale bundle with a cash drawer, tablet stand, receipt printer, and credit card reader. Tablet is not included.

POS Bundle for Computers

A complete bundle with a cash drawer, receipt printer, barcode/QR reader and credit card reader. Computer is not included.

Receipt Printer

A high speed, low cost direct thermal printer. It never needs ink and is silent while printing. USB Printer works with any computer with a USB port (Mac or PC). Wireless Printer works with any device on a wireless network.

Barcode/QR Scanner

This is a high speed, barcode and QR code scanner. Stand is included. It can scan cards and mobile device screens like phones and smart watches. Plugs into the USB port of your Mac or PC and scans products, Vagaro gift cards, memberships and employee clock in cards.

Cash Drawer

This steel drawer can be used by itself or it can be attached to the receipt printer and it automatically open when a receipt is printed.

USB Credit Card Reader
Free with Merchant Account

Designed for POS and desktop applications where space is at a premium. This reader reader can be used with credit cards, gift cards and employee cards.

Credit Card Processing

Small Merchants
Charges of less than $4,000 per month.
per swipe
3.5% + 15¢ per keyed-in transaction
No monthly cost
Large Merchants
Charges of more than $4,000 per month.
2.2% + 19¢
per swipe
3.0% + 19¢ per keyed-in transaction
$10.00 per month

Transparent Pricing

Get Paid Quickly
Receive your payments within 24 to 48 hours.
No Hidden Fees
No PCI or batch fees.
Automatic End of Day Batching
Only batches on days with transactions.
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Get a free reader when you sign up for one year.
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