Build Your Own Custom Forms

Quickly select a template or build your custom form from scratch. Send legal waivers, intake forms, and surveys to your customers and their responses will be saved to their account.
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Quick Start with Templates

Intake Forms

Create forms that are required to fill when booking an appointment.

Customer Survey

Send surveys to gather data and insights on your customer experience.

Liability Waiver

Require liability waivers to be signed and attached to customer profiles.

Drag & Drop

With an easy drag and drop builder, you can create your own custom form and add specific question types like multiple choice, checkboxes, short answer, and more!

Send Your Forms


Forms can be configured to be required when clients book an appointment.


Attach your forms to emails with Vagaro’s automated email marketing.

Embed in Website

Embed your forms into your external website for a branded experience.

Share Link

With the url you can attach your form to a facebook, twitter post, or text.

Upload Files

When filling a form, users can now upload JPG, PNG, and PDF files. This is a great opportunity to upload before and after photos, inspiration pics, documents, or even upload old form hardcopies. These files will be saved to a specific customer profile.

Responses with Analytics

Every question, every answer and any quantifiable data available is drawn to give you the insights you've always wanted.

Link to Customer Profile

Never misplace a form again. Ditch the paper waivers and SOAP notes and create digital forms that are automatically tied to your customers' profiles.

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Integrate with the Check-In App

Forms gives you the ability to seamlessly integrate your waivers and forms with the Check-In App. Your business can require waivers when signing up, joining a membership, or purchasing a package.

Get Your Forms Filled

Forms can be required for certain clients. Vagaro will automatically notify and remind your clients of required forms. Missing forms will also be shown with an icon on the the calendar screen.

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