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Best Spa Photos of 2020

Best Makeup of 2018

Time In The Spa Is Never Wasted

“The world will see you the way you see you and treat you the way you treat yourself." ― Beyoncé

The spa is where you go to refresh, relax, and renew yourself from skin to soul. Here are some of the spas that taught the true meaning of self-care and helped customers find their Zen this year.

Bare Skin Beauty

Las Vegas, NV
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Blended Beauty Bar

Charlotte, NC
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Fern and Thistle Massage

Portland, OR
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Pure Skin Lounge

San Diego, CA
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Spokenbody Massage Lompoc

Lompoc, CA
View Business Page

Spokenbody Massage Lompoc

Lompoc, CA
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Tips for Spa Photos

Get Rid of Any Clutter

It may seem obvious, but tidy up your space. Fold up the towels, dust the countertops, & make sure everything is in the right place.

Use Natural Lighting

Open up the shades and let that window light in! Middle of the day is usually the strongest light.

Simple Background

Mirrors, tools, and other background equipment can be distracting. By using a simple background without any distractions, the viewer can focus on what really matters.

Turn the Lights Off

This helps to create a natural feel and an even light temperature, meaning better photos. Lights can also produce unwanted shadows,.

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