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Best Lashes of 2020

Best Makeup of 2018

Lash Life

“I wish on falling stars and eyelashes.” ― Jacqueline Woodson

They say that great lashes don’t happen by accident – they happen by appointment! From fluttery to high drama, these lash artists defined luxury this year, creating eye-conic looks to remember.

Averyn Beauty Bar

Stafford, TX
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Blended Beauty Bar

Charlotte, NC
View Business Page

Lash Dolls Milwaukee

Hales Corners, WI
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Lashes by Chrissy

Kearny, NJ
View Business Page

Moonstruck Lash+Wax

Santa Rosa, CA
View Business Page

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Tips for Lash Photos

Get Close

Get up close and personal to capture the details and beauty of your work.

Get Rid of Any Clutter

It may seem obvious, but tidy up your space. Fold up the towels, dust the countertops, & make sure everything is in the right place.

Use Studio Lights

Expert: Use strobe lights to create a strongly lit scene. Colors will pop and increase contrast.

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