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Best Health & Wellness photos of 2022

Best Makeup of 2018

The Authority in Keeping You Well

From physical therapy & pain relief to massage & holistic healing, the winners of this category are some of the best in helping you live life to the fullest.


Westford, MA
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Blended Beauty Bar

Charlotte, NC
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Mantra Massage & Wellness Spa

Emmaus, PA
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On The Go Kinesio

Bend, OR
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Slim and Tone OC

Orange, CA
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Focus on the Person

Posing your model against a simple, plain background allows your work to speak for itself while also giving your model a chance to feel even more fabulous! 

Make it Special

What sets you apart from the competition? What makes you special? Highlight these strengths.

Simple Background

Mirrors, tools, and other background equipment can be distracting. By using a simple background without any distractions, the viewer can focus on what really matters.

Use Natural Lighting

Open up the shades and let that window light in! Middle of the day is usually the strongest light.

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