It's been real.
A lot has been accomplished in 2018. Big and small goals alike, here are a few honorable mentions...
Appointments Booked in 2018
7% were booked after midnight.
Number of Yoga Classes
The most attended Yoga class of 2018 was Gentle Yoga.
New project features
Some honorable features to mention are Forms, Waitlist, SOAP notes and Discounts.
Emails Sent
Slide into the inbox with Vagaro's Email Marketing.
Bagels Eaten
That's 64,869 carbs! Shout-out to Quan at Bagel Street Cafe! #HoleLottaBagels
Men's haircuts given
Men's haircut was the most requested service of 2018.
Fitness businesses up
Yoga was the most requested class of 2018.
New Vagaro Employees
142 and growing strong!
5 Star Reviews
A 31% increase in happy customers since last year!
Daily Deals Booked
Businesses made over $1.8 million from Daily Deals.
References Used from 'The office' at Vagaro HQ
We love us some Dwight.
$1.85 Billion
in processed payments
I want my EMV.
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1.7 Million
New Users searching for businesses on Vagaro
That's a 42% increase since last year!
City of The Year
For two consecutive years Houston, TX hosts the most Vagaro businesses. San Diego, CA was second.
28,440 hrs
of Quality Customer Service
That's over 3 years and more than 169 thousand tickets.
Customers Attending Classes
From cross-fit to hair-braiding classes, one thing is for sure- together is better.
Average Cost of 1/2 Hour Massage
Thirty-eight bucks? I feel you...
Justice & Soul
Fashion SOULstice Charity Gala
We were apart of raising over $150k for Fashion SOULstice's annual Gala for Justice & Soul. This foundation brings together salons and stylists to meet and discuss sustainable and systemic solutions to address and hopefully one day eradicate the issue of sex trafficking.
New Partnership
FTV Capital
In December, we finalized our partnership with FTV Capital and raised $63 million. FTV Capital has partnered with over 102 companies and have created a value of $12 billion to date.😳😳
2018 has been one heck of a year for us but we couldn't have done it without you...
Our number one priority is your success as a business and we are honored to work with you.
So from your friends here at Vagaro, we just wanted to say...
Thank You
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