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Sell memberships in-house, online, from Facebook, and even from your own website. Turn new customers into loyal guests. Use Vagaro's Check-In App to quickly check in members.

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Create Recurring Income

Set up memberships to automatically bill your customers monthly or yearly. This is a great way to lock in new customers and turn them into loyal, long term guests.

Perks to Make the Sale

Memberships can contain perks to increase sales. Offer discounts on specific services, classes, or products. Memberships can also offer extra reward points on purchases.

Sell Memberships Everywhere

Sell memberships from your point of sale, online, on Facebook, or even your own website. Customers love to make purchases on their own time, without feeling pressured.

Check In with Style

Members can check in with their phone or a custom branded keychain card. If a customer forgets both of them, they can search for their name, enter their password, and check in from the app.

Your New Front Desk

The check-in app will quickly get your members scanned in and ready for their classes or sessions.

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